Last week Kane was a guest on the radio show of some shock jock I’ve never heard of, albeit briefly. It literally lasted like one minute, max. Kane was introduced and the host asked if they were talking to Kane or his former “evil dentist” Isaac Yankem. No sooner than he started the interview and he ended up, telling the hosts it was officially over. It was actually kind of funny. I get where Kane was coming from but some people are saying he overreacted a tad. That’s the internet for ya. But hey, Kay Fabious making a comeback in 2014? Personally I give the big man props.

WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014?

I’ll go with the easy picks first - The Macho Man and The Ultimate Warrior

The Macho Man - The fact that Randy Savage has yet to be inducted in to the WWE HOF blows my mind. It’s damn near a slap in the face and I say damn near only because the WWE could have been holding off until the 30th installment of Wrestlemania all along for all I know. Wrestlemania XXX would be appropriate if that were the case.

The Ultimate Warrior - I’m putting the Warrior down as an easy pick because the Warrior is once again on friendly terms with the WWE and even appeared in a commercial for their latest videogame. I’ve also heard a new Warrior DVD is due out around Wrestlemania so there’s that too. The Warrior deserves a spot in the WWE HOF in my opinion.

My picks that would make great additions to the HOF - Jake the Snake, Kane, DDP and Bam Bam Bigelow


I’m already sold on Corporate Kane. The first time he walked out to the ring, I groaned… but it literally took about two minutes for me to realise how brilliant, hilarious AND full of possibilities this is. I can’t wait to see the new character develop and I’m sure he’ll ‘snap’ from time to time in amazingly devilish ways.

I think some of the best characters are based on reality and it’s well documented that Kane (Glenn Jacobs) is involved in politics. I know he’s more of libertarian but that’s beside the point. Being involved with Triple H is about as political as it gets (in wrestling at least) and I think if anyone can get over in this role it’s Kane.

(Source: wrasslers)

WWE World Tag Team Champions Mankind and Kane

"Welcome To My Nightmare" Kane Torches The Undertaker As He Looks Forward To The Final Inferno At Wrestlemania / Raw Magazine, April, 1998

The Big Red Machine Kane and the Late, Great Paul Bearer

WWF No Way Out of Texas: In Your House (1998) promotional advertisement, featuring Kane

WWF No Way Out of Texas: In Your House (1998) promotional advertisement, featuring Kane

Judgement Day 2007 Promotional Poster Featuring Kane

Isaac Yankem, DDS

Before he was a dentist he was a Bruiser!

The Wyatt Family kidnapping Kane in front of 50,000 people