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Happy birthday to the one and only Eric Bischoff, who turns fifty-nine today. With Brad Maddox officially gone as Raw GM as of last night, I’m feeling nostalgic for a Sleazy E return in that role!

WCW in 1995 was in a slump with doomed dungeons and blacktop bullies. Watching this match between the future Goldust and Triple H and knowing what we know now about the participants, it truly is insane that it was as as shitty as it was in WCW then.

Granted the WWF wasn’t exactly sitting the world on fire with trashmen, clowns and pig farmers but that’s a different post altogether.

Buried beneath the shit crowding WCW airwaves in 1995 was a whole crop of talent patiently waiting for their time. I’ll never understand why Eric Bischoff would have rather kissed Hogan’s ass and push guys like Earthquake, Jim Duggan, the Honky Tonk Man and Brutus Beefcake over guys like Cactus Jack, Steve Austin, Dustin Rhodes and Jean-Paul Levesque, but he did and it was a trend that would continue and ultimately cost him and WCW.